Richardson’s attraction to multi-layered surfaces is evident in his work. The underpaintings may include accidental marks or even the ghost of an earlier idea or composition, which, through the creative process, may be brought forward to play a role in the final image. Fascinated by the beauty and truth within personal marks and gestures made simply as a sketch, he seeks to maintain and develop this original authenticity and express the energy of a place as opposed to its physical reality.

Born in Connecticut to a creative family who traveled to Boothbay Harbor in the summers, Richardson remained intrigued by the state, and attended the University of Maine in Orono where he studied art under James Linehan and Michael Lewis. Since that time, Richardson has been active in group and solo shows throughout New England exhibiting his paintings that expressively describe the beauty of the natural landscape. His paintings range from loosely rendered to a tighter approach, some with a bright palette and others monochromatic or a more limited palette.