Alison Goodwin’s iridescent, bold, and vibrant paintings have delivered a playful exuberance and deep reverence to the Maine art world for 30 years. Growing up on the southern Maine coast and now living in Portland and Rockland, Goodwin is influenced by Hundertwasser, Klimt, Matisse and Calder. Consistently, her work is characterized by saturated, turbulent color and skewed perspectives in her compositions of unruly landscapes, expressive interiors, and kinetic villages.

Goodwin has also explored several iterations of fishermen saints.  Living among fishermen most of her life, she watches them work from her front porch or kayak. Her portraits canonize them in icons of Maine’s ragged bounty. Goodwin’s paintings show gratitude for the harvesters of the sea and their role in developing our relationship with the natural world.

Each of her paintings is built on layers of patterns and geometric designs which build to create larger constructive elements. Goodwin often explores these elements in graphic charcoal drawings and abstract paintings that amplify these characteristics. Her abstract work thus builds new forms which transfer to successive cycles of paintings.

Alison Goodwin is represented in Maine by Greenhut Galleries.